My background is in graphic design – I have a BA in Graphic Design from American University. The samples below include work I produced during my three years at Voto Latino as a graphic designer, some freelance and personal projects, as well as projects from my MBA.

MBA Projects

I had the opportunity to work on numerous projects individually and with teams during business school. Below are a few of my favorites that showcase my diverse interests, business acumen, writing skills and design abilities.


Examples of animations created for various campaigns at Voto Latino, using original vector illustrations, photography, and photo editing. These were created to share on social media platforms and email.


Logos created for freelance projects.


Examples of copywriting and design for personal projects and social media graphics.

The Gaslight Anthem

Poster and t-shirt design submissions for a design contest.


A major component of my work at Voto Latino was to share knowledge with Latino millennials in a way that is engaging and easily understandable. I created infographics on a variety of topics, such as the primary elections, healthcare and immigration reform, to share through social media and email.

U.S. v. Texas

In anticipation of the Supreme Court hearing on April 18, 2016, I participated in creating a campaign to inform the Voto Latino audience about the case. My work consisted of creating a series of graphics to give background on the case and calls to action leading up to the hearing.

Book Series

Book covers and packaging created for a series of books about the Vietnam War. Packaging, constructed with balsa wood, inspired by the wooden ammo boxes used during the war.

Power Summit

The VL Power Summit is an annual leadership development conference that brings together hundreds of millennial Latinos with Latino leaders and influencers. In 2016 I was responsible for all creative at the conference.